Hartford Hoops Foundation Philosophy

For many years, youth in the Hartford, VT area traveled far and wide to play competitive basketball in the off-season. Hartford Hoops Foundation was proud to open the inaugural season of Hartford Storm Basketball Club in 2018– it was a successful season, and we all learned a lot. We know that basketball is only one part of our athletes’ lives, and we hope to make basketball a lasting, positive memory for all. Our goals for this program include:

  • Keeping kids on the court and handling the basketball when recreation and school seasons end
  • Developing character by teaching camaraderie and sportsmanship through the game of basketball
  • Improving skills and fundamentals
  • Attracting athletes to our area and our basketball programs

We firmly believe that the more you practice and play, the better you get. This is a great life lesson in our “Everyone gets a trophy” society. In club basketball, everyone does NOT get a trophy. Kids practice to get better, get better to win and sometimes EARN a trophy. There will be tough losses and even better wins. Life lessons all around.

Our registration fee fluctuates from year to year, depending on the tournament costs. We try to keep the cost per player under $200 — which includes the cost of a quality uniform.

​Board Members: Scott Brooks, Steve Landon, Bill Vielleux, Heidi Bushway, Nichole Vielleux